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It is our goal to craft for you the dulcimer of your dreams, and to this end we are always happy to consider custom modifications to the standard instruments we offer. The following lists represent some of the more commonly requested customizing features applicable to the standard Blue Lion dulcimers. If you are looking for something not listed below, be sure to ask and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Please note: not all of the options listed are available for every model.

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Hearts ................................$ 40.00

ƒ-heart shapes.................... $125.00

ƒ-heart soundholes for teardrop instruments: $105.00

ƒ-heart for Bass, Baritone or AJ......... $150.00

Soundholes are available in the standard pattern as shown on Style I dulcimer at no extra charge.

The ƒ-heart soundholes, shown on the Force d'Ossché model, can be ordered for the standard hourglass shaped dulcimer as well. The lower bout has the ƒ-hearts and the upper bout has single hearts.

Custom soundhole designs can often be created but the design is critical to the strength and integrity of the top. Please call us to discuss your ideas, and keep in mind that the soundhole is a silhouette and the outline should be kept fairly simple. 

Custom soundhole prices start at $250.00.



Bookmatched wood binding & purfling

  • Style I & II instruments—$250.00
  • Bass, Baritone & AJ instruments - $300.00
  • Gloss lacquer finish — $600.00
      (not available for F-d'O six string or JRW)

    Custom Sundholes — inquire (usually start at o$250.00)

    Bone nut and saddle — $ 25.00

    Slot for saddle – $35.00

    If you prefer to have a fixed  saddle we recommend this option. It will ensure that the saddle does not shift out of place. However, if you tend to experiment with different string gauges this will limit your options.

    Strap buttons (2)

    Chrome – $10.00
    Gold – $12.00

    Side Pins (2): $10.00 

    Small brass escutcheon pins, one at each end of the fretboard which allow the player to drop the outside melody string off the fretboard.

    Schaller gold-plated tuning machines

  • Scroll peghead (4) Planetary – $85.00
  • Flat peghead (4) – $50.00
  • Five string, flat peghead – $62.50
  • Six string, flat peghead – $75.00
  • Gotoh gold plated guitar-style tuning machines
    (while they last)

  • Flat peghead (4) — $35.00
  • Flat peghead (6) – $52.50
  • Frets

  • Stainless steel frets — $65.00
  • Extra frets (other than 6 1/2 and 13 1/2)

  • with dulcimer order (each) — $ 5.00
  • retrofit (one fret) — $ 75.00;  additional retrofit frets $30 to $45.00 each (price includes "touch up" cosmetic repair to sides of fretboard)
  • Partial frets
  • outside string fret: minimum $25.00 each
  • inside (middle) string(s): minimum $35.00 each
  • retrofit partial frets: minimum $50.00 each
  • Custom Scale Length  — $20.00 - $50.00

    Chromatic fretboard — $75.00

    Ebony fingerboard overlay — $175.00

    Ebony peghead overlay for flat peghead — $75.00

    Rosewood back and sides for AJ, Bass, BarD — $300.00

    Standard Spruce top — $50.00

    Standard Spruce top for Bass, BarD, AJ — $100.00

    Premium Spruce — inquire

    Special Woods — prices and availability vary

  • Koa - $150.00 - $300 on up
  • Extra curly Maple - $150.00 on up
  • Fancy Walnut - $50.00 on up
  • Extra fancy cherry - $125.00 on up
  • Acacia - currently unavailable
  • Peghead roses— $60.00 each (IIR only)

    Single Rose fretboard inlay (for other than Style II) $80.00 

    Mother of Pearl 3mm Position Dots

  • 3 mm mother of pearl dots @ $5.00
  • double dots in one fret @ $15.00
  • in place of Single Rose inlay– dots in frets 3, 7, 10 & 14: no charge

    Blue Lion / L.R. Baggs pickup ...... $129.00

    Pickup for five string dulcimer .......n/a

    Pickup for six string dulcimer ......$129.00

    Strap Jack

  • Chrome......$16.00
  • Gold ...........$30.00

  • Pickup installation

  • with 4 string dulcimer order:  $50.00
  • with 5 or 6 string dulcimer order: $100.00

  • Retrofit installation for Blue Lion Dulcimers only

  • Blue Lion 4 string .....$100.00
  • Blue Lion 5 or 6 string ..... $150.00
  • Note: pickup installation on new instruments includes a bone nut at no extra charge. To add the bone nut for a retrofit installation, please add $50.00.

    Visit our Pickup page for more details.


    18% nickel silver fretwire is our standard fretwire of choice and the most common fretwire used in the acoustic instrument industry.  There is no additional charge for this fretwire.

    If you have a tendency to wear out frets quickly you may want to consider either of the two options listed below to avoid the expense  and trouble of having your dulcimer refretted.

    Stainless steel fretwire is the most durable fretwire available; more and more luthiers are using stainless because of its resistance to wear and its playability.  It is much more difficult to use than other types of fretwire due its hardness and it is almost impossible to wear out. 

    For players who wish to use jumbo frets there is an additional $10.00 charge and the wire must be special ordered. Please contact us for information.



    Many of our dulcimers feature custom inlay and it is always a treat for us to get to do something a little different. We have inlaid all manner of designs from birds, horses, wolves, pigs and pets to just about every flower imaginable. Because every custom inlay design is an original, price will depend on the design's complexity and materials. We enjoy working with you on designing the inlay of your dreams; give us a call and we will be happy to discuss possibilities and prices.

    One frequently asked question is what would be the cost of the rose vine inlay shown on the cover of our catalog and on the Home page. This inlay, which runs the entire length of the fretboard, would cost about $1500 to $2000 depending on design specifics. However, there are many ways to create an inlay similar to this one at a much lower price; a similar rose vine running from about the third fret to the fourteenth would cost approximately $900 to $1200 and would have almost the same visual impact.

    Check our our Custom Inlay page for ideas; we plan to update it frequently with new pictures.