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The Blue Lion - L.R. Baggs dulcimer pickup has been designed to faithfully reproduce a warm acoustic sound with superior balance and excellent volume without feedback. The pickup replaces the bridge on your dulcimer and a combination tailpiece jack and strap button completes the package. The installation is completely unobtrusive and does not change the look or the sound of your acoustic dulcimer.

The picture shows the pickup installed in a bass dulcimer with a pickup and a strap jack lying on the table in front of the instrument.

Dulcimer Pickup

Blue Lion / L.R. Baggs pickup...... $129.00

Pickup for 5 string dulcimer....n/a

Pickup for 6 string dulcimer....$129.00

Strap jack

  • chrome .................... $16.00
  • gold ........................ $30.00

Pickup installation

  • with dulcimer order ....... $50.00
  • with 5 or 6 string dulcimer order: $100.00
  • retrofit for four string Blue Lion dulcimer....................... $100.00
  • retrofit for 5 or 6 string Blue Lion dulcimer............... $150.00

Note: pickup installation with new dulcimer order includes a bone nut at no extra charge. To add a bone nut with a retrofit installation, please add $50.00.

The value of having a pickup in your dulcimer lies in the freedom it gives you to play in a wide variety of situations. It works wonderfully well on stage, but is also an easy way to "compete" with groups of instruments such as guitars, banjos and hammered dulcimers in a jam. Even a small, easily portable amplifier will give your dulcimer enough presence to hold its own against louder instruments and you will have the option of playing as loudly or as softly as you choose.

The pickup can be ordered with any new dulcimer which has a 1.5" wide fretboard. Retrofit installation is available for all Blue Lion dulcimers and may be possible on other brands as well; the limiting factor for instruments built by other companies is the width of the fretboard (it must be 1.5") and the position of the bridge relative to the tailblock of the instrument. In order to be properly installed, the bridge must rest over the cavity of the instrument, and not over the solid tail block at the tail end of the instrument. If you have any questions about your specific instrument be sure and check with us.

Blue Lion Dulcimer Pickup dimensions: 1.5" wide x .375" high X .125" deep